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Hello, Hello --  I'm so glad you're here! 

Do you need listening or solutions, comfort or clarity?

Perhaps you are going through a rough patch and could use support and guidance, or perhaps you’ve struggled for many years and would like to see things differently, to live things differently and are ready to explore and go deeper in your healing journey through therapy.

However we connect -- by check-in calls, a brief but robust consultation, or regular counseling sessions -- working with me will be an eclectic, intuitive adventure, an exploration together.  

We can process a difficult situation, or over time we can figure out a decades-long struggle. 

You are not broken.

We each of us are inherently whole and in response to internalized messages

and expected roles, or difficult situations and difficult histories, ill health, extreme stressors or trauma, our lives can feel broken. 


My passion is to help you feel more connected to yourself

and the people you love and the world around you.  

My warm and compassionate approach is focused on you

as the expert of your own life, experience, and story.

Whatever you choose to work on together, I'd be honored to walk alongside you in your journey.

I have worked 16 years in social services and been a service user myself, so I understand the difficulty of navigating systems of care. I also know the healing power of therapy.

As a gender and neurodiverse-affirming therapist (Demipan ADHDer myself) I draw upon collaborative, evidence-based therapy practices to help you find balance and meaning, to identify and build on your strengths, while providing the tools and support needed to get you there.

How you use our time together can look different from visit to visit.

  •     Counseling to learn helpful tools and process big feelings

  •     Consulting /Guidance when a situation overwhelms

  •     Weekly check-in calls if you live alone (or wish you did!) 

  •     Consulting/Problem-Solving every now and again for a refresher.


Jump in for a first conversation anytime

Need to talk with me soon?

You can choose a time up to an hour before we meet

What a difference a day makes!

Together we'll discuss your needs and what I have to offer:  

I can listen to your concerns, answer questions, help you brainstorm a problem, scour the internet for resources specific to your particular need(s) at the moment, or just plain old vent

with a safe, neutral person.

Use our time together to talk about anything

I look forward to our first conversation.



My practice thrives outside the oft-chaotic managed healthcare system. 

I have chosen this approach to keep things simple, because I am a "one-woman show" and ADHD.  Practicing outside of the constraints of managed care I can offer services that are wholly person-centered. This means our focus can be on your self-defined needs/wants/hopes, rather than fitting into the highly structured medical model of "therapist as expert" with its focus on presenting illness, requisite mental health diagnosis, treatment planning, and proof of "medical necessity."


Since I don't take any insurance, and to keep my services accessible, I maintain

affordable, sliding-scale rates ($70-130), much lower than most therapists in private practice.  

ALL of my services are out of pocket with affordable rates. 

I do not take insurance of any kind. 

Telehealth Only

We'll be meeting by phone or video

using ZoomHealth or Google Meet (both secure, HIPAA-Compliant platforms) 


I am skilled at facilitating conversations with families, adult children, and support networks when looking at long term care planning, hospice, death and dying care, and advanced directives for loved ones.  

Licensed to practice Clinical Social Work in

Oregon (#L8049)

Maine (#LC22205)

Vermont (#089.0134936TELE)

Please note

I provide counseling services only for individual adults (with more than half of my clients over 70).


I do not offer couples/relationship counseling, mediation, or family therapy (the exception: care consultation with families & natual supports). Please note also that I am unable to provide therapy if you are experiencing active suicidal or homicidal ideation, have been hospitalized for mental health concerns within the past year, or if you are needing intensive supports for substance use or eating disorders.

These require specialized training and are outside of my scope of practice. 

I appreciate your understanding.


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